Allie Mahler

Allie Mahler is a social entrepreneur focused on creating sustainable impact on both a local and global scale. She is a co-founder of Be Social Change, a community platform of more than 2,000 social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that spreads new and innovative ideas, connects a cross-disciplinary community to key change-makers in the field, and educates members on ways to create meaningful impact in their own unique way. She is the co-lead for the first class of Sandbox, the foremost global network of young entrepreneurs who are working to create a better world through solving the world’s toughest challenges in education, health, economics and development. During the day, you can find Allie working at Purpose, a social-change strategy organization that exists at the intersection of online movement organizing, cutting-edge technology, and interaction design to inspire large numbers of people to self-organize for what they believe in. Allie studied organizational change management and dance movement therapy at The New School and has spent time across four continents teaching and directing English as a second language programs in India, Uganda, Switzerland and New York. Ask her about anything from how to start a social movement to what it’s like hiking in the Himalayas.