Andrew Weinzoff

Andrew weinzoffAndrew joined the Opportunity Lab in May 2012 as the manager of client services and financial operations. His personal mission to make a difference in the world complements the Opportunity Lab’s founding belief that all businesses have an opportunity to make the world a better place. Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Fordham University, where he earned a degree in business administration from the Gabelli School of Business. His passion for entrepreneurship stems from founding the Fordham University Entrepreneurship Society, where he emphasized how the innovation, networking and leadership skills of entrepreneurship can motivate and benefit people in every business environment. Andrew’s unique entrepreneurial-minded approach provides leadership and support for future Opportunity Lab growth.

Andrew develops and implements systems with a structural aim to streamline record keeping, budgeting, productivity and technology to ensure the Opportunity Lab maintains financial efficiency. In addition to Andrew’s financial operations duties, he manages the Opportunity Lab’s client services and is responsible for keeping pace with clients as they reinvent their businesses and their lives. Andrew believes the key challenge for businesses today is not opportunity awareness, but rather opportunity engagement. He uses this belief to help clients see that an opportunity within the marketplace requires constant innovation, a commitment to twoway communication, and an unshakeable belief in leadership that drives change. By personally relating to clients, Andrew’s career is dedicated to helping businesses leverage their existing resources to grow sustainably in any economy.