Entrepreneurship Society

fordham-entrepreneurship-societyThe Fordham University Entrepreneurship Society is a student club, open to students in all undergraduate schools, that focuses on collaboratively building networks, sparking new ideas, sharing resources, and ultimately launching new ventures.

Every other week, students gather to brainstorm business ideas, host guest speakers, organize events, and plan projects that will ultimately become businesses.

Members also have the privilege of helping to plan and execute TrepCon, which develops each year into a greater resource for Fordham’s students and alumni.

Entrepreneurship Society members also have a fantastic resource in Dr. Christine Janssen-Selvadurai, director of the entrepreneurship program, who has done a significant amount of research on and teaching about entrepreneurship but is also an entrepreneur herself. Known around campus for her energy, spark and drive, Professor Janssen-Selvadurai is dedicated to giving students the guidance, experience, skills and connections to shape their ideas into successful businesses.

Students interested in joining the Entrepreneurship Society should e-mail the club president, Jackson Lindauer.