Nina Zadeh

Nina Zadeh is the Founder and CEO of Zaden Row – a fashion ecommerce platform that sells products from local New York City boutiques. After obtaining her BA from Boston College in Economics and Communication, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion styling. Her career as a stylist led her to work with some of the world’s top celebrities and athletes, such as Ellen Degeneres, Pamela Anderson, and Terrell Owens. After styling, casting and being a creative director for countless runway shows during New York Fashion Week, she enrolled at Fordham’s Graduate School of Business to obtain her MBA in Marketing. Contrary to the general opinion that the fashion industry is limited to artistic innovation, she strongly believes that it is only through the successful marriage of business and creativity that a sketched design can evolve into a global brand. While at Fordham, she was President of the Retail Club where she organized a fashion show with Lord & Taylor- where students and professors walked the runway to benefit Dress For Success.

Zaden Row launched May 2012.

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