Required Courses


Exploring Entrepreneurship – MGBU 3226
This introductory course introduces students to the three cornerstones of the Fordham entrepreneurship program: how to think, feel and act differently. It puts students into the mental framework they need to look for business solutions that no one has seen before. Operating without a textbook, professors curate a set of interactive projects, case studies and readings that help students discover the principles and nuances of entrepreneurship. Students will learn how to identify and evaluate potential business ideas, push the limits of their imagination and creativity, challenge the status quo, and learn to embrace change.

Innovation & Resilience – MGBU 3227
What is innovation? How do you find an opportunity and capitalize on it? This course teaches students to look outside of convention to carve a path in the business world where none had existed before. They learn to identify opportunities, evaluate ideas, and apply and manage creativity. Because this process is not easy, this course also equips students to deal with the inevitable roadblocks and failures that entrepreneurs confront. Students develop resilience by gaining strategies to handle ambiguity, risk and mistakes, and by practicing how to make decisions in uncertain environments.

Executing the Entrepreneurial Vision – MGBU 3228
This course is where the skills learned in the previous two entrepreneurship courses come into play. Students are challenged to develop and refine a solid but dynamic business plan, and then to go beyond the classroom to actually launch a new venture. Students take this course as a capstone experience in the entrepreneurship concentration, as it integrates lessons and capacities built in previous courses and takes real-world practice to a whole new level.