Small Biz Connector 2012 testimonials


“What a great event. As news about the event goes viral, the next one should be brimming with attendees. I was very impressed with Fordham’s students and glad to have the opportunity to meet them.”

Dawn Fotopulos, founder,


“Thank you for the fantastic event you put together at Fordham today. I found the students to be mature, interesting and well qualified.

Lara Land, founder, LandYoga


Company reps and students both left beaming — a really good sign.”

Carey Weiss, sustainability initiatives coordinator, Fordham University


“I was very pleased to see that the overall quality of the students who attended were a cut above those I have encountered at career fairs and events offered by employers and other colleges and universities in the area. I was particularly impressed with students who stopped by to talk about their career plans and the way they communicated and presented themselves so well. I had an opportunity to speak with many of the other small businesses who participated as exhibitors, and found that there was broad consensus of agreement on the quality of the program, from the students to the venue and the overall value.”

Walter Recher, founder, SmallBall Marketing


“Thank you so much for including me in your Small Biz Connector.  Not only did I make a new friend of the [presenter] who sat next to me, a wonderful and interesting woman, but I seem also to have gotten two interns who will work with me over the summer. So it was an excellent use of my time.”

Andrea Kihlstedt, Asking Matters